Top 10 Worst Drunk Driving DUI Lawyer Ads

Top 10 Worst Drunk Driving DUI Lawyer Ads

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Attorney Christopher J McCannBy Christopher J McCann a DUI attorney in Orange County, California

So you’re spending your off hours out of your stressful job and waiting for the Saturday’s prime time movie. When all of a sudden programming switched to the obligatory commercials and the day’s favored commercials are from lawyers and firms who dabble into ‘Drinking under the Influence’ or DUI charges. And before you can switch channels, you are already drawn into the commercials and wasted precious seconds of your life with some of the worst drunk driving DUI lawyer ads that make you question why law graduates need to stoop down to this level. Watching these lawyer ads will make you realize the graduating from law school isn’t a sure sign that you are sane, respectable and ready for prime time. Here are ten of the worst and outrageously irritating top 10 worst drunk driving DUI lawyer ads that will spoil your night or bring you to laughter and feel sorry for these guys.

1. ‘Call Flint’-

This guy knows how to channel his own Kanye West. To come up with his legal services for persons who were involved in an accident, perhaps due to a DUI Attorney Bruce Flint came up with an advertisement that looked more like a second-rate MTV video instead of a legal advertisement. The hooks are there but the reputation was lost along the way.

Image 1: Here’s a rapping DUI lawyer that can put to shame of the best rappers in town.

2. The Best DUI Services from ‘The California Switchblade’-

The name is Marco Palumbo and for the shoot of his DUI commercial that can rank as one of the Top 10 worst drunk driving DUI lawyer ads he came with gelled hair and matching sunglasses. In the video, he represented himself as the best ‘lawyer’ to provide DUI-related accident help. But with his looks on the video, some viewers can’t be faulted in thinking that he looks like the man who can cause an accident instead of the one who can help!

3. Thug Law Available In Style-

Even those who live in the ‘thug’ world can have their own representation for their criminal defense. Complete in a ‘thug’ get-up, Peter ‘Q’ John brings the street gangster culture to the courtroom using the soundtrack from Bad Boys movie.

4. ‘Sweating and Swearing DUI Lawyer’-

Get ready for a lot of swearing and shouting in this lawyer advertisement. The lousy editing and camera work doesn’t help either.

5. Outstanding Lawyer Advertisement-

Brown & Grouppen came up with its own unique advertising material that shows firm members walking confidently and in style towards the courtroom door. The scene makes some scenes in Mission Impossible lousy and pretentious.

6. Injured Through a DUI Accident? Get What Is Yours-

Here’s an injury lawyer in a production that can shame the action scenes in the latest Bruce Willis film. With explosions and cars thrown into the air shown for the duration of the 30-second spot, you’ll definitely understand why this video is parodied and talked about for all the wrong reasons.

7. Protect Your Rights, the Jack Bernstein Style-

Sometimes the message is not the problem for some of the top 10 worst drunk driving DUI lawyer ads. Sometimes, it’s all about the lousy suit and fashion sense as well. And Jack Bernstein surely is not concerned if the suit will make him look good or a fool.

8. ‘The Hammer’-

Will Hammer Other People for You- It seems that when it comes to the top 10 worst drunk driving DUI lawyer ads, there should be the obligatory cars that crashed. This is what you get with Lowell’The Hammer’ Stanleyas he hammers through his spiel for the next 30 seconds.

Image 2: Let the ‘Hammer’ help you score what is truly yours

9. Rayvon ‘The Stone’ Goldberg-

The nickname seems appropriate to the kind of acting done on the advertisement. For the right price, he can handle the case no matter how complex it may be.

10. LA’s Dopest Attorney-

If you think that Harvard law graduates are all prim and proper, well think again. Don’t let your preconceived notions fool you; Allison Margollin who is a criminal attorney clearly knows how to get noticed in her poster advertisement.

There are other undiscovered videos and ads out there that points out the craziness and the worse in DUI advertising. But for starters, let this top 10 worst drunk driving DUI lawyer ads entertain you and help you realize that the legal profession is not that immaculate after all.

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Christopher J. McCann is a Newport Beach DUI Attorney. Mr. McCann is a practicing OC criminal defense lawyer at the law offices of Christopher J. McCann who was recently awarded his 6th SuperLawyers Magazine “Rising Star” award. You can follow his tweets at @cjm_law_firm


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