Is Bankruptcy the answer to my financial problems?

For many people living in California today there simply isn’t enough money to pay the bills. At some point when liabilities exceed assets it’s make financial sense to start over. California Bankruptcy laws are designed to protect the consumer and can do exactly that if applied properly. Many clients are afraid to discuss a bankruptcy […]

Handy Dandy Bail Schedule for Misdemeanors and Infractions in LA County

Not sure if you are aware, but there is a handy dandy bail schedule available free online for LA county. Why is it so handy? It is especially handy for traffic citations because it lists ALL vehicle codes and tells you whether it can be charged as a misdemeanor or an infraction (“wobblet”), how much […]

Can I terminate probation early?

The answer is yes!! Most people who are placed on probation are not aware that they can motion to have their probation terminated early. Early termination usually requires the following: 1. Complete at least half of your probation term 2. Satisfaction of ALL probation terms, including payment of all court fines/fees, and restitution if this […]

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