California releases 450 violent felons by accident

We have known for years that the system is a mess but this is taking it to a whole new level. According to news reports on yahoo, California’s automated system just raised the gate and let 450 violent felons walk due to a computer error.  Oops….sorry about that. The full story is here

Can I fight a traffic ticket in California?

Of course you can! There are thousands of violations that you can be cited for in California but they all share one thing in common, you have a right to trial. Use it and watch good things happen. Here is some info on impeding traffic violations If you’ve been cited for one of the many […]

Child Custody and Visitation in California

“I want full custody!” is a term that is often used when people go through a child custody battle. However, the parents of the child(ren) must understand how custody works before they start arguing for full custody. First of all, there is no such thing as full custody. In a child custody case, there is […]

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