Airport Courthouse DUI Lawyer

THE DMV AND DUI A person who is arrested for a DUI generally has their license to drive confiscated by the arresting officer. Upon seizure, a notice will be generally given to the driver notifying them that they have ten (10) calendar days to request an APS hearing from the DMV.  If that hearing is not […]

Has Anyone Ever Passed a Field Sobriety Test?

PASSING A FIELD SOBRIETY TEST Can a driver being investigated for a DUI ever “pass” a field sobriety test?  Once an officer has smelled the odor of alcohol on your breath you will generally be arrested and cited for DUI.  The key word is “pass.”   The officer  who smelled the alcohol on your breath decides whether you […]

Losing Your Job over a DUI Conviction

DUI and your JOB A DUI conviction may cause you problems getting a job or keeping a job, especially if your job requires you to drive, administer medications or be bonded. I’ve had several clients come to me to get their guilty pleas withdrawn after pleading guilty with someone else. Pleading guilty to a first […]

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