Paperwork Error by CHP Officer Almost triggers Bench Warrant

This morning at my clients DMV hearing, I had the opportunity to speak with the CHP officer who had arrested my client for DUI. While we were waiting in the lobby at the DMV Driver’s Safety Office I was trying to get a feel of the officers experience on the field since you looked fairly […]

Interstate Consequences of a DUI conviction

Back in the day, it used to be that you could move to a different state and escape the consequences of a DUI conviction. However, those those days are long gone. Now, thanks to the Interstate Driver’s License Compact and the National Driver’s Registry, a DUI in one state is available to the computers in […]

Bench Warrants

What are bench warrants? Bench warrants are warrants issued by a judge to bring a non-appearing person before the court. What does it mean to have an outstanding warrant? When you have an outstanding warrant, it means that police officers can take you into custody because the warrant directs the officer to bring you before […]

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