Can the police hold my car after a DUI arrest?

It happens hundreds of times every day throughout this country, someone is arrested for a DUI.  But what happens to the car?  In many instances the police will leave the car parked in the same spot where you were pulled over and simply lock the keys inside the car.  In other instances, the police will […]

Obama’s New Immigration Policy

On Friday June 15, 2012, President Obama’s administration announced the largest change in US Immigration policy in decades.  After years of stalled talks about the dream act, immigration reform, and amnesty; reality hit the fan in about 30 seconds on Friday.   According to the press release on the US Department of Homeland Security website, […]

Hardfought victory in Traffic Court

Recently I was in traffic court for a client, as it happened it was one of my colleagues infinite number of cousins that he was asking me to take care of for him. Thus I was headed into traffic court facing a 102 mph speeding charge with very little facts with one asked for goal, […]

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