Fight traffic ticket Los Angeles

Guest Post By: Christopher J McCann an Orange County DUI Attorney Shares How to fight a traffic ticket in Los Angeles? If a police officer in Los Angeles asks you to pull over and hands you a traffic ticket, anger is probably the first emotion that engulfs you. A ticket will come with a fine […]

Red light traffic tickets Los Angeles

Red lights play a very crucial role in controlling the flow of traffic across city streets and county roads. Failure to observe the red light is one of the major causes of fatal accidents in Los Angeles causing about 20% of all fatal accidents. Getting red light traffic tickets Los Angeles will not only attract […]

Court Ordered Community Service Los Angeles

Court ordered community service in LA can be one of the consequences for DUI (driving under the influence) convictions in Los Angeles as well as several other criminal offenses. While most people tend to view a court directed community service Los Angeles as a severe punishment for a DWI (driving while intoxicated) or related criminal […]

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