California DUI Blood Test Drugs Defense

With blue lights blinking in the night and a siren blaring behind you, you look in the review mirror and see a police car behind you. Does this scene sound familiar? Whether it is for speeding, driving too closely, or failing to yield at a stop sign we have all been pulled over. However, if […]

DUI Cases Won in California

Learn About Reasons Why DUI Cases Won in California: With California’s stringent DUI laws, winning a case for drunk driving is an uphill battle; however, hiring an attorney can be a lifesaver. An expert DUI attorney will have access to information and resources that are not available to anyone else. Therefore, the percentage of DUI […]

What Percentage of DUI Cases get Dismissed in California

California has one of the highest conviction rates in the United States for DUI cases. However, this conviction rate does not include cases that were dismissed prior to or during trial. If you are currently charged with DUI you might be wondering what percentage of DUI cases get dismissed in California? To be honest, the […]

MADD Orange County DUI Victim Impact Panel

Founded in 1980, Mothers Against Drunk Drivers (MADD) is a charitable organization whose goal is to prevent drunk driving, assist those affected by drunk driving, decrease underage drinking, and advocate for greater alcohol restriction and laws. Anyone convicted of a DUI is required to attend a MADD Victims Impact Panel (VIP) as a requirement of […]

Biking Under the Influence (BUI): The New DUI

Learn All About Biking Under the Influence in California The battle against drunk drivers has reached a new target: bicyclists. Police officers in California and states across America are cracking down on BUI. It appears that citizens are attempting to circumvent the drunk driving laws by taking their bicycles to the bar instead of a […]

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