Fighting a red light camera ticket in California can be difficult in comparison to some other states. Part of the difficulty in contesting a red light camera ticket is that the police department has all of the evidence that the light was run with the photograph that’s taken. Quite often, the photos will snap the exact time codes on the ticket to prove that you didn’t run it when the light was turning red. Typically, the cameras only flash if the person that runs the light goes straight through it when it’s already red. Another issue is right turning on red. If you receive a ticket for making a right turn on red, the time codes will show that you didn’t stop before turning as necessary at the intersection.

Specifics of a 21453 A VC camera Ticket

A 21453 A VC camera offense indicates that the driver ran straight through the red light. In California, a camera violation takes a point off your license as well as the fee. However, the camera has to capture a clear photo of your face to indicate that it was you driving the vehicle. If you get a 21453 A VC camera offense, make sure your face was in the photo, or you may have grounds to contest it. Another thing that you want to check for is whether or not the light was yellow turning red. If the light is yellow turning red as you pass through the intersection, you have grounds to win a photo enforcement trial. In California, the law requires a 3.15 second interval of yellow before a light changes to red. One of the issues here is that the company operating the light may have made a mistake. This is a legal defense that has been used in court to win cases, with individuals citing the US Supreme court case Melendez-Diaz v. Massachusetts. This case shows that the court believes evidence without a firsthand witness such as traffic tickets through cameras are unconstitutional.

Fighting a a VC 21453(a) Camera Ticket

When you get a ticket, it’s important to act immediately if you plan on fighting it. One good thing about red light tickets is that you don’t have to be physically present at a courtroom to fight it. The best thing about this whole process is that there are legal businesses that will specifically mark down the details of your case and prepare a written portfolio for the court to review. While there will still likely be a fee, if you win the case you won’t lose any points off of your license. In an ideal situation, the case will be dismissed. Many people are fighting the camera tickets in various states, as they are considered by many to be unconstitutional. If enough people fight the tickets as being an invasion of their rights, they may get pulled from California altogether.

It’s important to understand that EVERY city and courthouse has a different system of procedures regarding the enforcement of these tickets. Is it possible to fight a traffic ticket in your area? Are you able to beat the system in regards to receiving the ticket? The answer depends entirely on which city sent you the ticket and which courthouse processed it. When you receive a camera ticket, you should contact a traffic court lawyer immediately to find out what needs to be done in your particular situation.

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