300th Blog Post on Flock Of Legals !!

300th Blog Post on Flock Of Legals !!

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Attorney Christopher J McCannJust want to take guest post claim on the 300th blog post on Flock Of Legals. My how this CA legal site has grown with over 1,200 total pages!

Of that, I see 192 indexed pages with my name in Google.

You can see my author bio page here

About Christopher J McCann

A Criminal Defense and DUI Attorney serving Southern California, including Orange County and Los Angeles County. Mr. McCann is experienced on DUI criminal defense topics and has contributed to several online media publications.

Here is a recap of guest posts contributed since last year.

DUI related 

Drunk Driving Awareness Month Review

California Highway Patrol Speeding Ticket Cost

Top 10 Invalid Police Officer Field Sobriety Test Mistakes

Top 10 Worst Drunk Driving DUI Lawyer Ads

What’s The Minimum Fine For A DUI In California?

The Merits of Funny Drunk Driving Commercials

What A BUI California First Offense Will Get You?

When Reporting A Drunk Driver Is Necessary

Out of state DUI in California

What to Consider When Choosing A Criminal Defense Lawyer in Southern California

Drunk driving laws in California

California DUI Sentencing Guidelines

Three Things You Should Know About a 1st Time DUI in California

DUI Public Records California

Southern California DUI Checkpoints

Arrested for DUI Now What? Get California DUI Help!

Alcohol Monitoring Tracking for California DUI Offenders

Orange County DUI Statistics From Criminal Attorneys in Orange County CA

Is DUI Arrest a Crime in California?

What is Cal Vehicle Code 23152?

Drunk Driving Statistics in California

How to Find California DUI Information Online?

How much is a DUI in California Going to Cost You?

How to Expunge Your DUI Record in California CA

Drug law Related

Los Angeles Medical Marijuana Laws

Current Marijuana Laws in California

Marijuana DUI Test California

DUI Classes

Madd Classes in Southern California

DUI School Los Angeles Court Requirements

Traffic Tickets & Laws

What Happens if You Don’t Pay a Red Light or Speeding Tickets in California?

How Many Points Is a DUI in California?

List of Traffic Fines In California

California Graffiti Laws

California Criminal Laws

Teen laws

Los Angeles California Underage Laws

First Offense Misdemeanors in California

What are the Laws in California for Prosecuting a Teenager as an Adult?

California Driving Rules For Minors

Laws on Buying Alcohol For Minors In California

Other Topics:  

How Does a DUI Affect Your Car Insurance?

NACDL Review To Finding the Right Criminal Defense Attorney

The Weird, Strange & Crazy Laws In California That Still Exist

Pro Bono Attorneys In Los Angeles CA

What Are The Pros And Cons Of Plea Bargaining?

My favorite guest post has to be….. 

How I Bribed a Cop to Pass a Field Sobriety Test to Avoid Getting Arrested for a DUI

Thanks for your continued support Flock Of Legals to keep writing!  Check out my OC DUI blog that has over 600 blog posts.

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