405095 Holds – Failure to Appear California traffic tickets

405095 holds will result in a suspended license if they are not cleared.  VC 405095 is the legal process in California to make sure that people show up for court after getting a traffic ticket.  If a person fails to appear in court, a “VC40509.5 Hold” will be issued.   The term comes from California Vehicle Code VC40509.5 Hold which means that the driver’s license is put on hold after someone has failed to appear in court.   Because the 405095 hold is placed on your license due to your failure to appear, the only proper way to resolve the situation is by appearing in court, or sending a lawyer to appear on your behalf.   Paying a collection agency, such as GC Services, Alliance One, or any other court affiliated collection agency could result in further damage to your driving record and should be avoided if at all possible.

405095 holds suspended license

Failure to Appear Charge potential in addition to 405095 Holds

Vehicle Code 40508(a) provides a prosecutor or a Judge the right to file an additional charge of failure to appear if that person does not present himself in court at the designated date and time. Vehicle Code 40509.5 on the other hand explains how the court should communicate that fact to the DMV.  The DMV in turn is instructed to suspend the individual’s driver’s license because of his failure to appear in court.

Resolving 405095 holds and getting back your California Drivers License

There are different ways in which courts treat a case with a VC 40509.5 hold.  Some Judges are friendly and will quickly release the hold and reduce the extra fees.  Other Judges are tougher and the penalties will be stiff even after you appear in court to fix the issue.  In every court you are looking at slow process when it comes to appearing in front of Judge.  Expect to spend several hours in the courthouse.

If you can see a “40509.5 hold” on your driving history, it only states that your driver’s license is suspended due to your own failure to be present at the designated court when you were needed to be there.  The best way to handle this case would be to find a competent lawyer who will be willing to provide the best services in order to resolve your case at the soonest possible time.

Consult a California Traffic Attorney about your 405095 holds

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