Airport Courthouse Criminal Defense Strategies

Airport Courthouse Criminal Defense Strategies

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errol_cook,_esq2The Airport Courthouse in Los Angeles prosecutes felonies and misdemeanor cases in the surrounding community.  There are several prosecuting agencies that prosecute out of the Airport Courthouse.  The Santa Monica City Attorney and Los Angeles City Attorney prosecute misdemeanor cases in their respective courtrooms.  If you are arrested for any misdemeanor in Santa Monica, you will be ordered to appear in the Airport Courthouse.

The best strategy in defending a criminal case at the Airport Courthouse is to hire an experienced Airport Courthouse criminal defense attorney.  An attorney who understands the courthouse, it’s courtrooms, the judges and the relative worth of a case is very important.  Hiring a lawyer from out of town doesn’t give a criminal defendant an advantage.  In fact, it could hurt the client.


Errol Cook, Esq.


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