Alcohol Monitoring Tracking for California DUI Offenders

Alcohol Monitoring Tracking for California DUI Offenders

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Guest Post By: Christopher J McCann an Orange County criminal defense DUI lawyer. Learn just what is a DUI ankle bracelet California?

It is important for those that have been arrested and Charged with a DUI. It’s important to consult with a licensed attorney to provide the most qualified representation to defend you. In California especially, the process that goes into presenting your case can be quite complex and especially considering the serious consequences of being charged with a DUI such as:

– facing jail time

– hefty fines

– alcohol education classes

& in addition to possible wearing a DUI anklet bracelet California.

Check out my other FlockofLegals guest post that breaks down the  first time DUI offense at approximately $6,600.

How much is a DUI in California Going to Cost You?

Increasingly in California, the courts have looked towards new technological advancements in order to cut down on repeat DUI offenders, one such advancement is the DUI anklet bracelet. The courts in several California counties are now requiring some offenders to be fitted with the bracelets that go around an individual’s ankle and measure any alcohol in that person’s body.

How the SCRAM Device is being used by the California DMV Courts to ensure DUI offenders are not consuming alcoholic beverages and driving. 

If you have been arrested and charged with a DUI, the courts may impose that you be fitted with a scram alcohol monitoring bracelet, while your case is pending or while you are on court appointed supervision.

SCRAM or Secure Continuous Remote Alcohol Monitor is a device that is worn around your ankle that continuously monitors the alcohol in your system and reports that data back to the courts. The device works by detecting the perspiration of alcohol through your skin. While you are required to wear the SCRAM device any alcohol use will alert the courts and it could have negative consequences on your pending case or court supervision.

Furthermore, similar to other electronic anklet monitoring devices, any signs of tampering with the device will alert the court system and you will be required to have the device inspected. While the scram alcohol monitoring bracelet is not a universal requirement, repeat offenders often times will be required to be fitted with the device.

How much does a DUI anklet Bracelet Cost in California?

The DUI anklet bracelet California costs on average at about $5 per day. Which you are required to pay directly or through the court to the company that monitors and provides the anklet monitoring bracelets.

Recommended SCRAM DUI ankle bracelet in California provider?

I’d highly recommend that you speak to my friends Patricia, Dean & Ross over at Diversified Monitoring Systems that I’ve personally referred several clients that needed to get a SCRAM monitoring device.

Because of the complexity of the DUI laws and procedures, it’s best to consult with a licensed attorney soon after your arrest, so that he can explain everything to you in defending your DUI offense.

About Guest Post Author: 

Christopher J. McCann is a DUI lawyer in Garden Grove Orange County. McCann is a practicing La Habra DUI Lawyer at the law offices of Christopher J. Mr. McCann is a published DUI guest post author on several authority publications. You can follow Chris tweets at @cjm_law_firm or posts at Orange County DUI Lawyers Blog

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