A Los Angeles drunk driving conviction can have a dramatic impact. It can affect the ability to get employment or find an apartment, among other things, for years after. It can seem unfair, suffering one punishment after another as you try to leave that mistake in the past.

Fortunately, you have an option. You can seek an expungement DUI in LA County. Each state has its own laws in this regard, but in California, depending on the circumstances surrounding your case, you could get that record wiped clean. With this major accomplishment, you can apply for jobs and schools without being fearful of the background check. If you have a commercial license, you have the opportunity to continue driving as a career.

There are no guarantees that you can get an expungement DUI in LA County. It’s actually at the discretion of the court. One thing is for sure, you have a greater chance of accomplishing the goal if you work with a lawyer that specializes in DUI law. During the original DUI legal proceeding, your lawyer may have asked about expungement DUI in LA County. In response, the court may have stipulated a period of time to wait before you could petition for expungement.

If the court hears your petition, they will review the circumstances surrounding the case. They’ll assess the facts and look for any repeated reckless behavior. They will also review if you’ve fulfilled the agreed terms of your sentence, including if restitution was paid. They will take all of this and use them as factors to determine if this criminal record should be sealed or cleared completely. If you were convicted of a misdemeanor and an expungement wasn’t included in the sentencing, you may have a better chance of a favorable judgment if you have stayed out of the legal system.

Besides going before the court, there may be an opportunity to go before an administrator. This is considered a quicker process as there could be a lengthy wait for a court date. You should take note that an expungement DUI in LA County is only possible if there was no felony prison time attached to the sentencing. Whether said time was served or not is irrelevant, it would negate any possibility of having your record expunged.

In the end, your best chance for navigating the process and successfully getting your expungement DUI in LA County is by having a competent DUI attorney getting justice on your behalf.

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