expungement DUI LA county

 If you wish to obtain an expungement DUI LA county, DWI or a DUI conviction, you can so as long as you had been placed and completed probation by the court.  After your probation, you can file a petition at the court to have your DUI record expunged.  A good lawyer can usually handle such cases but take note that this can be best be done by the same attorney who represented you in court for the DUI case.

A competent criminal lawyer can do this by combining several motions into one.  Some of the motions that your lawyer can file are the following:

There will be times though when a court judge would be hesitant to end one’s probation in a DUI case.  There are certain conditions as well in a probation which includes prohibition from driving when he has drunk any alcoholic beverage and this is what most judges would like to see this condition done for a long period of time.  Therefore, you may have to serve quite some time in order to complete your probation period.

An expungement DUI LA county is just like an expungement of a criminal record.  Your lawyer will file a petition to the court which will then be studied by the court judge.  It would be up to the judge to give or withhold a DUI expungement for your case.  If you obtain a DUI expungement, you will have to withdraw a guilty plea or “no contest” plea which will be changed to a “not guilty” plea.  The case will thereafter be dismissed by the judge.

An expungement of DUI record will be extremely useful in terms of applying for a job.  If your DUI conviction is expunged, it means that your potential employer cannot use that to serve as a basis for rejecting your application.  You also do not have the obligation to reveal that particular record to your employer.

This rule however does not apply when you will be applying for licensure or when presenting credentials as a teacher.  This means that a licensing department can reject your application because of the DUI record.  They may also refuse your renewal for such licenses or certification.

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