Oc Dui Minimum Penalty

Although there is no Oc Dui Minimum Penalty mandated under California law for a first time offense for driving under the influence, the penalty can be much more than you are expecting. There is a wide range of possibilities for penalties for the first time offender, but there are typical situations.

First time offender in Orange County

Assuming you are found guilty in a court of law, a first time offender will have his or her driver’s license suspended. In fact, in California, this will happen before you can challenge the charges in a court of law. This suspension will continue until your court case takes place and the DUI charges are dismissed or you are found guilty.

Penalties for the first time offender

How serious your offense is and how it relates to the sentencing will be up to the judge. Although there is no Oc Dui Minimum Penalty there are maximum penalties. The maximum fine is $1,000 and the maximum jail sentence is six months. What determines the penalty has more to do with how much alcohol was in your system and how much of a threat your driving posed to the public. There is a four month suspension of your driver’s license and a probationary period that includes attending classes on alcohol that can last one to two years.

Consequences of a first time DUI

Along with a DUI, there are consequences to being convicted of a DUI that many people don’t think about until it happens. One example is a large increase in your car insurance. Your policy will be cancelled, and you will have to get insurance designed for those with a DUI on their record. This issue is not an oc dui minimum penalty but a consequence of a DUI conviction. This high priced insurance will be required for at least three years. Assuming you have no new DUIs on your record, you will be able to get lower cost insurance. Another common consequence is a loss of employment. This is especially true for those that drive for a living.

Always speak to an attorney

After your arrest you need to remain silent. Also, do not agree to answer any questions. The less said to a police officer the better an attorney can help you. You will not be able to refuse a blood alcohol test at the police station, so you can go ahead with the test. First time offenses for DUI can be mitigated with the help of an attorney, but always remember to make your lawyer’s job as easy as possible. Be polite with the police, but you are under no obligation to answer their questions.

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