Perhaps one of the most common types of personal injury cases would be the car accident injury. Many people do not realize that car accidents fall under the category of personal injury, but they certainly do if the other party was responsible for the accident. Personal injury cases involve situations in which someone was negligent and that negligence led to an injury to the victim. In an at fault car accident, it is automatic that whoever was at fault was negligent since they caused the accident. If you were injured in this type of car accident that was not your fault, then your next step will be to file a personal injury claim. If you have never filed a claim like this before, then you may not know what to do. Here is what needs to happen.

The first thing you should do is get a lawyer. Yes, you can file the claim on your own, but the California legal system is not something you will really want to take on without legal training. Just trying to decipher the legalese alone can be confusing. When you add in the fact that you will have to negotiate with the other insurance company along with their team of lawyers, it could be a nightmare if you try to handle it yourself. Choose a lawyer with personal injury experience. This way, you know that you will get proper legal representation.

The next thing that needs to happen is an intent letter that should go to the other insurance company. This letter will simply state that you are intending to file the personal injury claim. This is just a way to begin the process. The letter does not have to be very detailed. Instead, it needs to provide just the facts, like how the wreck happened and what type of injuries you sustained.

Once your lawyer actually files the claim, there are a couple of different things that may happen. If you have a strong case, then there is a very good chance that the insurance company will want to meet for a settlement. Otherwise, you may have to go to court. The settlement is by far, the most feasible option since it will get the case over with quickly and guarantee that you will receive compensation.

Car accident personal injury claims are actually quite common. Keep in mind that you should receive compensation if you were injured so that you do not have to pay those medical bills on your own.


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