Child Support Modification LA Family Law Attorney

Child Support Modification LA Family Law Attorney

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Child Support Modification Attorney Daniel V CotaA court can decide on child support modification if there is a significant increase or decrease in the income of either of the parents who are providing the support.

The parent who had been granted custody of the child can file for a child support modification if she has sufficient basis to believe that the other spouse’s income has significantly increased or if their own income has been significantly reduced.  It can also be requested if there is a significant increase in the child’s own needs such as those caused by medical, educational needs and other unforeseeable events.

The parent who is paying for the child support can also request for a child support modification if his income had been significantly reduced from the time that the order had been given by the court.  He or she must show sufficient proof that they are now incapable of providing the same amount of financial support due to their decreased earnings.

The custodial and non-custodial parent can ask for the child support modification upon the state where they have been issued.  They can contact the Child Support Enforcement Office and file a request for the modification due to the prescribed situations.

Child support is usually calculated based on the parent’s financial capacity as well as the child’s needs so child support modification whenever there is a “significant” change in either of these factors.  It could either be a significant increase or a significant decrease in either the parent’s earnings or the child’s needs.  Hence, if you are a parent who is providing the support, you can request for a modification if you have recently experienced a setback on your income.  The other parent can however, request for a modification if they think that you have a significant increase in your income.  These adjustments are made in order to reflect the proper support that should be given to the child.

If your partner or spouse does not seem to be cooperating or agreeable to a mediation process in order to modify child support, you must seek the services of a family lawyer who specializes in this particular case. They will be able to help you obtain child support modification in the best way possible where you can obtain the ends that you want.  Litigation can be a very complicated process that if you do not get the services of a knowledgeable lawyer, you may lose your chances of gaining that modification that you need.

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