Current Marijuana Laws in California

Current Marijuana Laws in California

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Attorney Christopher J McCannWhat are the current Marijuana Laws in California?

This is one of the most frequently searched questions on the web. The use of medical marijuana in California is not something that is new to most people. For the past 14 years, California has been trying to act as a model state for other 49 states with an aim of decriminalizing the use of cannabis for medical purposes. As a result of the ongoing Medical Cannabis Program in California, there are several people who nowadays comprehend the medical value of marijuana.

However, a misinterpretation of the Medical Marijuana Program in California can cause you to be arrested and charged with possession, transportation or trafficking. Before buying medical cannabis, it is important that you consult a drug crimes attorney in your local area, so that you can understand what the current marijuana laws in California are.

Note that, the use of medical cannabis is only permitted if you are suffering from chronic pain or certain ailments like HIV/AIDS. Then again, you need to have a valid Medical Cannabis Identification Card issued by the state of California on order to be in possession of medical marijuana.

What Are the Current Marijuana Laws in California?

As pointed out earlier, the medical cannabis laws in California can be hard to understand devoid of the assistance of a drug crimes attorney. With the help of an attorney, you will be able to understand the terms used to describe by the law. According to Medical Cannabis Law in California, “Californians who are seriously sick have every right to acquire and utilize cannabis for medical reasons”. These laws have been created with the aim of ensuring “that patients as well as primary healthcare providers who acquire and utilize cannabis for medical reasons on the advice of a doctor are immune from criminal prosecution”.

Who is allowed to Lawfully Utilize Medical Marijuana?

In accordance with the by-law, only patients alongside state certified healthcare providers are allowed to acquire and utilize medical cannabis. Even so, every patient has to be enrolled with the Medical Marijuana Program that is overseen by the CDPH (California Department of Public Health). For a patient to be eligible for the Medical Marijuana Program, he/she has to be assessed by a physician after which a written counsel submitted to the CDPH. Once the application is approved, a CA Medical Marijuana Identification Card is issued. As per the Current Marijuana Medical Laws in California, the CA Medical Cannabis ID is valid for a period of 12 months.

Where is Medical Marijuana Sold in California?

There are several dispensaries in California from where you can buy medical cannabis. However, you need to have California Medical Marijuana ID in order to be sold for medical cannabis. Nevertheless, it is also important to point out that each county has its own regulations in regards to the sale and possession of medical marijuana. Exceeding the legal quantity of medical cannabis you are supposed to have at any given time can result in arrest.

In order to avoid charges like driving under the influence and possession with the intention of selling, it is best to consult a drug crimes attorney so that you can learn more about the Medical Cannabis Law in California.

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