Driving Suspended License California? Fix it Now

Driving Suspended License California? Fix it Now

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Driving Suspended license CaliforniaDriving Suspended License California VC 14601

Tickets, Warrants, Arrests, Impounds, driving without a license while looking in your rear view mirror constantly wondering when the next adventure comes.  Riding the bus, getting rides, insurance, registration problems, the whole deal.  It all comes from driving suspended license California.  How did you get here?   Well most people in California with a suspended license under VC 14601 have gotten here one of the following ways


How did My License get Suspended?

Failure to appear VC 40508(a), VC 40509.5(a), PC 1214.1

This is by far primary suspect number one in the case of Driving suspended license California.   Thousands and thousands of people in California are facing the risk of arrest due to something as trivial as a missed deadline on a fix it ticket, speeding ticket, or other minor traffic offense.  Most courts use this situation as an opportunity to exact outrageous fines through a collections agency.  To make matters worse, paying the giant fine can make a permanent mess out of your record and lead to further suspensions down the road.  Fixing this correctly requires the assistance of a California traffic court lawyer.

Failure to pay VC 40508(b), PC 1214.1, matters set for compliance

This is similar to failure to appear and often used incorrectly as an equivalent term.    Also a major factor in most cases of driving suspended license California.   Technically failure to pay can lead to a new misdemeanor charge of VC 40508(b), punishable by up to 6 months in the county jail.  Most courts do not prosecute the additional misdemeanor charge, but they will slap a hold on your drivers license along with a hefty fine of at least $300, and create a giant mess over just about nothing.    Sometimes the only way out on this is to pay the debt, but before you do, check with a California traffic attorney to see if you have other options.

DUI or Driving under the influence VC 23152 VC 23152(a) 23512(b)

DUI issues can result in driving suspended license California.   This can come from an APS suspension from the DMV, a post conviction license suspension from mandatory actions, failure to complete the alcohol program, failure to maintain your proof of insurance certificate or SR-22, and more.  Getting this fixed requires a lawyer experienced in criminal court.  Depending on the facts of your case this could be either a misdemeanor or felony issue.   Contrary to popular belief, DUI is not a traffic court issue.

Child Support

Failure to pay your child support can also result in the dreaded driving suspended license California problem.   You usually reach this point once there has been a court order, and you are behind or in “arrears” on your payments.   Getting this issue fixed requires a good family law attorney and a trip to family court, not traffic or criminal court.

If you are in one of the above situations and you are ready to get your California drivers license back in your pocket, contact me for a free consult about what can be done, how long it takes, and how much it costs.   You can get in touch with me by checking out my website, my yelp profile, send me an email at attorneygallagher@gmail.com, or give us a ring in the office at 800-797-8406.

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