DUI electric Scooters in California

DUI electric Scooters in California

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Attorney Christopher J McCannDriving under the influence is an unacceptable both socially and morally. It is commonly thought as only affecting vehicles but what about two wheelers such as bicycles and scooters? Different states have different laws and regulations concerning DUI electric scooters. For instance in California a number of statutes has been put into place since bikes are not classified as vehicles of any sort because they are not self-propelled. Therefore any machine classified as a bicycle does not require license, registration, insurance and age limit. Riding while intoxicated is unsafe as it poses a great danger to an individual as a rider and other road users. A number of grisly road accidents have been reported with findings showing that a number of these accidents are as a result of riders under the influence. However it is always wise to know what to expect and what has been put in place concerning DUI on electric scooter in California. DUI electric scooter California laws are as stringent as any other.

Chances are any individual caught with a case of DUI on an electric scooter will probably get a ticket and an individual’s driving license will not be affected in any way, this however is no license for an individual to ride under the influence because it is as dangerous as driving under the influence.

There are instances where a police officer may be of the opinion that an electric scooter is a vehicle after all. This may be due to its physical appearance or where and how the rider was handling it. By federal law an electric scooter does not qualify to be a motor vehicle but the above puts it in ‘grey’ area. Laws formulated by the state of California or its municipalities may classify an electric scooter into a motor vehicle. This without saying causes more trouble in the event of a DUI and more drastic sentences may be passed. There has been precedence in the state of Illinois where a judge classified a biker to be a motor vehicle; this means that the same can happen in the state of California, it is all about how one argues out their case before the judge.

In the event that one indulges in drinking and decides to ride their electric scooter there are things to do to avoid getting a DUI in California for example observe all traffic rules to avoid drawing attention to yourself and being stopped by traffic policemen. It is also important to avoid speed; it is easier for a police officer to notice an individual riding under the influence if they are on speed. Ensure that your electric scooter is also in good condition with lights since visibility may be a problem for a rider riding under the influence especially at night. In the event that one is stopped by a traffic officer caution, humility and politeness should be exercised. Being rude to a traffic police officer may be a sign of lack of proper judgment and may be very easily a cause for a DUI electric scotters in California.

Walking home or taking a cab may go a long way towards avoiding a DUI electric scooter California laws.

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