San Bernardino Legal Troubles Handled at the Fontana Courthouse

San Bernardino Legal Troubles Handled at the Fontana Courthouse

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The Fontana Courthouse is a courthouse in the county of San Bernardino. This courthouse handles a huge number of cases annually that range from misdemeanors to more serious crimes. Many of the Fontana courthouse cases are handled by lawyers, though some people choose to represent themselves. Many residents of California and the United States at large don’t know their rights in the courtroom or during arrest.

The Fontana courthouse was established in 1957. Shortly after, San Bernardino County established a public defender for those who could not afford to defend themselves in court. The two story building is in the northeast corner of Arrow Highway and Alder Avenue. If you have a court date at this courthouse, it’s important to know a few things. If you have a traffic ticket, this courthouse offers people a few options on how to pay it. Depending on the frequency and how many tickets you received in San Bernardino in the past, you may be assigned to traffic school. If you have to make a court appearance, the office is open Monday through Thursday. The same is true for walk-in warrant and non-traffic cases. Infraction charges don’t require a mandatory court appearance in most cases. As of 2013, the courthouse no longer offers night court as an option. All felonies require mandatory court appearances. Those with court dates regarding felonies are required to enter the courthouse on the assigned date.

If you have any serious legal trouble and have a date to appear in this courthouse, you should immediately contact a lawyer for legal counsel. Many offer free advice on your next course of action. Even small issues such as a traffic ticket should be discussed with a lawyer. Many people don’t know of all of the options available to them. The complex laws in California regarding traffic ticket violations should be handled by a lawyer that specializes in the specific area of the law. San Bernardino has over 200,000 residents, and there are many lawyers within the proximity of the Fontana courthouse. Even if you want to represent yourself, the most important element in preparing any case is to get proper legal counsel. Lawyers around the Fontana courthouse also specialize in legal advice regarding probation violations, DUI charges, reducing jail sentences and more serious misdemeanor and felony charges. Lawyers that specifically service this courthouse can be found by calling the San Bernardino bar association, but the internet is a much faster and more reliable resource for finding legal counsel.

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