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GC Services LA court – An unpaid traffic ticket means GC Services LA Court defendants must contend with enormous fees and aggressive collection strategies. The Los Angeles Superior Court system contracted with GC Services, LP to collect unpaid fines. The rules appear to be simple. Anyone getting a ticket must either pay the fine or appear in court to protest its issuance. If the ticket holder fails to do either, the court will act by turning the account over to a collection agency.

The Court will first issue a failure-to-appear notice under Vehicle Code section 40508. Next, the Court will direct the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) to place a hold on the offender’s driver license. The fine is increased, and the account is sent to GC Services for collection. GC Services adds additional fees and then begins collection efforts.

One Unpaid Ticket Produces Enormous Misery

In many cases, drivers find themselves faced with a suspended driver’s license and fines and fees that add up to an average of $1,000 or more. The collection notices and phone calls start, and collection workers try to make people believe there are no alternatives except to pay whatever GSC Services says is due. This is not true.

If full payment is not made immediately, the collection agency may eventually accept payment arrangements but only when they have absolutely no other alternative. In the meantime, the ticket holder goes through the misery of being a collection agency target. Making the situation worse is the fact there can be a significant time lag between any payment and notifications to the court, DMV and insurance company that the ticket fine and fees are paid and the driver’s license suspension is lifted.

The reality is that there are always alternatives, and paying exorbitant fees should not be one of them. Many people expect to get court date reminder notices in the mail and are shocked when fail-to-appear notices arrive instead. When GC Services LA Court defendants first realize they have a traffic ticket problem, it is important to contact an attorney immediately. A lawyer experienced in dealing with GC Services and overdue traffic fines has a number of ways to approach the situation to the benefit of his or her client and restore some fairness to the system.

An Attorney Can Help

For example, an attorney can often get the traffic ticket account removed from GC Services, meaning no payment has to be made to the collection agency. Other possible benefits of working with an attorney include getting many of the outrageous fees removed; getting a driver’s license DMV suspension lifted; lowering or removing points assigned to the driving record; and possibly even getting the traffic violation removed from the driving record. In the process, the driver saves a significant amount of money in fines and fees and protects the integrity of his or her driving record. The attorney will also appear in court for the driver, if that becomes necessary.

It is important to understand that drivers paying the GC Services LA Court fines or appearing before a judge have eliminated most of their options to correct the situation to their advantage. Once a driver appears before a judge, the negotiations are over. Making a payment to GC Services is the equivalent of pleading guilty. Anyone receiving a failure-to-appear notice from the LA Superior Court or a collection notice from GC Services should take one step and one step only – call an attorney.

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