Getting Your Record Cleared

Getting Your Record Cleared

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Sealing Juvenile Records
Generally, whether your juvenile criminal case was heard in the Long Beach Courthouse, Inglewood Courthouse, Downey Courthouse or Orange, your juvenile criminal records will appear on your criminal record. On your 18th birthday, you will be eligible to petition to have your juvenile records sealed. Upon being sealed, no one can access to them and they usually will be completely destroyed five years from the date of sealing.
However, juvenile records are not automatically sealed upon your 18th birthday. You must petition (formally ask) the juvenile court to have them sealed. Whether your juvenile criminal case was heard in the Inglewood Courthouse, Downey, Long Beach Courthouse or at the Lameroux Justice Center in Orange, you can do this by filing out a form and filing it with the juvenile court in the county in which you were convicted.
Call me now so we can check to see if there are any special filing requirements such as additional photocopies or the need to serve copies of the petition on any government agencies, and get the correct information for filing by mail.
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