How Do I make My Website Mobile Friendly?

How Do I make My Website Mobile Friendly?

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It is only inevitable that people will start going to our sites with their phones.Whether we like it or not, everyone is starting to do more things with their mobile phone. People use to shop online with their computers and now they are using their phones. Let’s not talk about Yelp and Apps. I’m sure someone has looked up all of us on Avvo one time or another on their mobile phone.  We need to stay competitive and one way to remain ahead of the curve is to make our website mobile friendly.  This entails making our webs pages work like apps and give out that polished look. Luckily if you are using Wordpress this is very easy to do as will be explained below.

First you will download the plugin WPtouch. This will enable your website to be somewhat mobile. However, you will not have the custom icons and it will still look messy. Put your seatbelts on, you will have to select a handful of pages that you will want displayed on your mobile version. Then from here,  you will go find some images for your icons. However, you will realize that you have to resize the icons to 60×59 pixels to fit into people’s phones. From here you will have two options, 1)you can either hire a graphic designer to design it 2) Go to Quirco and upload your pictures and it will generate and icon for you.  I’m a little cheaper and I am watching my overhead so I chose the former. From here you will go back and assign your icons to the pages.

You can even configure you site to display a different page if someone is using a mobile device. Also, if someone assigned your page to their home screen it will exactly like an app.  Boom! Another reason to use Wordpress.

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