How much does a California divorce cost?

How much does a California divorce cost?

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In figuring out the cost for your Divorce, each case will be different. That’s because each case has specific set of facts that will change the cost of hiring a divorce lawyer. Specifically, when couples are divorcing and there are minor children involved, it could cost more to fight for more custody/visitation rights. That’s because it could cost more time in court for the lawyers and the parents to fight over who gets the children for more time. Or, when splitting up assets between the parties, some spouses try to hide assets or money that they’re making on the side. To figure that all out could require your divorce lawyer to subpoena bank account records, hire a forensic accountant to evaluate a business, etc. Your Los Angeles county divorce lawyer will determine the best way to proceed on your case and hopefully determine the most cost effective way to fight for what you deserve.

One thing that won’t change is that in Los Angeles County divorce cases, you must file a $395.00 filing fee to either file your petition for dissolution (divorce), or apply for and be granted a fee waiver. If you don’t pay the fee or are not granted a fee waiver, your petition or response may be rejected by the court and you will not have a say in how the case turns out. Also, when filing an Order to Show Cause (OSC), you must pay a $40.00 fee. If you’re filing an OSC to attempt to modify a child custody and visitation order already in place, then you will need to pay a $65.00 filing fee.

Hiring a divorce lawyer is a tough task. There are many out there and you need to make sure you’re comfortable with the person handling your case. Los Angeles Divorce Lawyer Michael S. Carrillo is an aggressive and experienced divorce attorney who fights hard for his clients. He has handled countless divorce cases and will work with you to walk you through the entire process. Call him today at (626) 799-9379 for a free consultation to see where he can help you.


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