How To Write a DUI Apology Letter

how to write a dui apology letter

How To Write a DUI Apology Letter

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How to write a DUI Apology Letter: An Introduction

Driving under the influence is a very serious offense that leaves many individuals feeling embarrassment for their actions. Sometimes a well-thought, coherent and eloquent letter can go a long way in earning leniency from the court. The more apologetic and thoughtful a defendant appears the more likely it is that the judge will allow the person the opportunity to rehabilitate their life.

While writing a letter is not a get out of jail free card, it can be an effective tool in one’s defense; however, it should only be done by those who actually feel remorse and embarrassment about their poor judgment. Prior to writing a letter to the court, it is best to consult with an attorney. A competent and well-qualified DUI attorney can advise you on whether or not an apology letter would benefit your case.

How to Write a DUI Apology Letter

Once you have decided to write an apology letter it is important to refer to the police report as it is written. While writing, confirm that your version of events match the details provided by the police. Since writing the letter is an admission of poor decision-making arguing, debating and/or challenging the officer’s statements would be in poor taste. The purpose of the letter is to admit guilt and apologize for your actions, not to rebut the arguments of the officer. At the beginning of the letter, indicate when and where you were arrested for the DUI charge.

Then, provide a brief explanation for the circumstances of the case. A thoughtful explanation of where you were and what you were doing that led to becoming intoxicated should be included in the letter. After describing the events that led to the arrest, the best apology letters will explain why the court should show leniency. The most important step in writing this letter is to acknowledge the severity of your mistake and discuss ways in which you will turn your life around. An example of an excellent DUI apology letter can be found here:

A judge has seen and heard every possible explanation for a DUI arrest and is tired of hearing the word “sorry.” As a result, showing a willingness to be accountable for your actions goes much farther when a judge reviews the letter. An apology letter has become a staple for anyone involved in the public eye that has been arrested for a DUI. Often, letters are sent to local newspapers where they are published in the editorial section of the paper.


While a DUI apology letter may seem like a good idea, it is not advised for every case. Consequently, having a qualified DUI attorney at your side is crucial to achieving a favorable outcome. Since a DUI apology letter is an admission of guilt it can have a negative impact on a defendant’s case. Instead of seeing the letter as a positive, the judge could use it as further evidence to convict the defendant. However, the more poignant and thoughtful the letter the more thought the court will take in determining the case’s outcome.

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