Los Angeles California Underage Laws

Los Angeles California Underage Laws

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Attorney Christopher J McCannThere are several laws in effect in the city of Los Angeles that apply to underage teens and minors. Some of these laws may often be violated due to the ignorance of some of the residents about what the law says.

These Los Angeles California underage laws include the following:

1. Underage citizens of the city are not allowed to be out of the house at specific hours of the day unless accompanied by their parents or a guardian. They are not to be in public places at certain times of the day or they will be arrested for breaking this law.

2. Underage citizens of Los Angeles California are not allowed or should not be seen in almost any place during school hours unless with a guardian or parent and unless he or she is sent on an emergency chore by his or her parents.

3. Underage citizens are not allowed or should not be seen outside the school at any place unless he or she is issued a permit to go out for lunch or other purposes.

4. Minors are also not allowed to carry or be found under the possession of alcohol unless he or she has been instructed by parents or guardians to buy the product.

5. Minors cannot engage in the business of selling or buying alcohol.

6. Minors cannot drive under the influence of alcohol or any other drugs.

These are some of Los Angeles California Underage Laws which aim to increase education of minors in the city and prevent further rise of delinquent children. These laws also ascertain that minors in the city will have a productive and meaningful life while they are young and while they are yet learning.

Minors found or caught violating any, but not limited to, laws mentioned above will be charged a fee of not over two-hundred and fifty dollars. They can also opt to do community service if they cannot afford to pay the fine.

Los Angeles California’s Zero Tolerance Policy

The Los Angeles California Underage Laws have not been made to put restrictions to parties that young teenagers enjoy. They are there to protect the young ones from having to deal with the consequences of being under the influence of alcohol while driving, staying outside their houses at impossible hours of the day, and many others.

The state of California has a zero tolerance policy when it comes to minors driving under the influence of alcohol. If a minor is caught and found to have at least 0.08% or greater of BAC in his or her blood, he or she will be issued an arrest. The arrest will ensue the paying of penalty for the offense or violation. Mostly, parents or guardians need to be there. Other states in the US also follow this zero tolerance policy of Los Angeles California.

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If you (as a minor) are caught and was accused of driving under the influence, you can plead your case with the help of an experienced Los Angeles DUI and defense lawyer like Christopher J. McCann to avoid having to pay for any penalty of which can be caused by a faulty detection of a BAC level in your blood.

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Christopher J. McCann is a professional lawyer in Los Angeles California who has practiced his line of work for over twelve years. He is available for free consultation, too, if you need assistance.

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