Los Angeles Medical Marijuana Laws

Los Angeles Medical Marijuana Laws

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Attorney Christopher J McCann7 Things You Need To Know About Los Angeles Medical Marijuana Laws

Whereas the Los Angeles Medical Marijuana Laws have been in place for close to 17 years, it is still quite hazy to a majority of people. The laws were enacted and approved by the congress in 1996 under a compassionate act. The idea was to allow doctors and other physicians to use cannabis as a means of treating certain conditions. However, in order be immune from the law for prescribing and using medical marijuana doctors and users have to follow certain guidelines.

In order for one to purchase medical marijuana in Los Angeles, you need to be suffering from chronic pain that might have been occasioned by a surgical procedure, accident or disease like cancer. Other conditions that can be treated using cannabis under the Los Angeles Medical Marijuana Laws include autism, bipolar disorder, ADHD and depression. Listed below, are some of the things that you need to know in regards to the Los Angeles Marijuana Treatment Program:

1. The use of medical marijuana for treatment of conditions like autism, severe migraines and arthritis was enacted into law in 1996. The act permitting the use of medical marijuana is commonly referred to as the “Compassionate Use Act of 1996”.

2. The law was later amended in the year 2003 to allow certain clinics within the City of Los Angeles to sell medical marijuana.

3. The use of medical marijuana for therapeutic purposes is not only administered, but tracked and sponsored by CDPH (California Department of Public Health).

4. According to a bill passed by the senate, the use of medical marijuana ought to be paid for through the application charges that are levied when applying for a card.

5. According to the guidelines provided by the California Department of Public Health, if a patient has obtained recommendations from a certified and qualified doctor to utilize medical marijuana for a particular condition, the patient alongside the healthcare center are free to apply for the issuance of an identification card that authorizes them to use medical marijuana. Then again, it is important to state that the medical marijuana card is only valid for a period 12 months.

6. You can only obtain an identification card that authorizes you to utilize medical marijuana for a specific medical condition upon obtaining recommendations from a licensed and Los Angeles Marijuana Clinic or Physician.

7. Unless you are a holder of a binding medical marijuana card, you can be arrested and prosecuted for drug possession. Note that, the federal government still forbids the use of marijuana for any purpose and as such classifies cannabis sativa as a schedule one drug. But, you cannot be arrested for possessing and using medical marijuana in Los Angeles if you have been issued by an identification card that authorizes you to use the drug and it is still binding.

If you reside and work in Los Angeles and are suffering from a condition that requires treatment using medical marijuana but are not certain of what the law says about the use of cannabis in treating cancer, arthritis and HIV/AIDS amongst other diseases, it is highly recommended that you seek legal counsel from an experienced and skilled Los Angeles Criminal Attorney.

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