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If you have been given a ticket recently in Los Angeles, it might be time to consider hiring a Los Angeles Traffic Ticket Attorney.   With the rising cost of traffic court fines, hiring a Los Angeles traffic ticket attorney might be more cost effective than you would think.   On many cases you can actually save money by hiring a lawyer because your attorney will help get your fines reduced or dismissed and this can be lower than the cost of hiring the lawyer in the first place.  You also need to consider costs beyond the fines paid for a ticket.   If you are cited for one or more moving violations, those points can cost you a lot more than fines in the long run.  The risk of license suspension can cost you your job and rising insurance rates can compound costs quickly.

Should I hire a Los Angeles Traffic Ticket Attorney?

If your situation falls into any of the following categories you should seriously consider consulting a traffic lawyer before paying your fines or appearing in court on your own

How to pick the best Los Angeles Traffic Attorney

A good Los Angeles traffic attorney will have experience in all of the traffic courts in Los Angeles County.   Given the size of Los Angeles county and the number of courts in our system, this is not small project.  Having experience in all courts is important because each court is different.  Strategies that work in Metropolitan court in Downtown LA just might not work in Van Nuys or Chatsworth.  The Judge in Beverly Hills treats things very differently than the Judges in Santa Monica.  And if you got your ticket in Beverly Hills you will have the opportunity to resolve your ticket in either Beverly Hills OR Santa Monica.  Having the right Los Angeles traffic attorney means having someone who can help you navigate this maze and get results.

Get a free consult now with a Los Angeles Traffic Attorney

I have been doing this for almost 20 years and I know my way around the Los Angeles traffic and criminal court system.   In fact, dozens of experienced lawyers in Southern California refer all of their traffic business to me.  Southern California lawyers know that if you have a traffic ticket problem, you need to call Gallagher.  Now you know too.  Give me a ring at 800-797-8406, or email me direct at attorneygallagher@gmail.com for a free consult on your case.




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