Madd Classes in Southern California

Madd Classes in Southern California

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Madd Classes in Southern California by Christopher J McCann an OC DUI lawyer 

MADD classes in Southern California are offered with the aim to educate peoplAttorney Christopher J McCanne that such an organization ready to reach out exists. MADD stands for Mothers Against Drunk Driving. This organization has been formed as a result of a mother losing her daughter to a drunk driving accident. And this organization has been helping many victims and survivors around America, specifically in California.

Parts of the state where MADD classes in Southern California is extended include Los Angeles, Orange County, San Joaquin County, San Diego, Riverside County, and others. If you wish to enroll in one of the MADD classes in Southern California, you can visit this link for more information: For the list of phone numbers for each county, check below for the nearest location in your area.

– Orange County: for English, dial 949-224-9900; for Spanish, dial 949-225-9936. There are no available classes offered at this county but in case of emergencies or you need help, you may contact this number anytime.

– Los Angeles: You can visit the link to enroll online for MADD classes and for other information:; or call 310-215-2905.

– San Joaquin County: call 800-426-6233 to set an appointment or register through this link:

– San Diego: 858-564-0785.

– Riverside County and Kern County: 800-426-6233; (Riverside County), (Kern County).

– San Francisco and Contra Costa: 800-426-6233;

– Almeda, Santa Clara, and San Mateo: 800-426-6233;

– Sacramento, Placer, Yolo Counties: 800-426-6233;

– Nevada County: 800-426-6233;

– Humboldt County – Eureka: 800-426-6233.

These are the phone numbers and links you can visit to look for more information about MADD classes in Southern California.

About MADD Organization

It would be good to know and be part of this kind of organization. You do not have to be a law enforcer or someone prestigious to support such a cause. You can contribute in many ways. This organization has been founded with the mission to eliminate cases of drunk driving as well as those being victimized because of such irresponsible acts of drivers.

The organization was inaugurated on the 5th of September 1980. In its organizational mission statement, their aim is “To aid the victims of crimes performed by the individuals driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, to aid the families of such victims and to increase public awareness of the problem of drinking and drugged driving.” This is one powerful mission statement that the organization has lived up to until the present time.

If you want to get involved in MADD’s cause, you can do one of the few things:

1. Donate

– ways you can donate include online donations where you can decide whether to do a one-time gift or maintain a monthly donation; you can also send $10 donation by texting MADD to 90999. If you have an old car that you no longer use but is still functioning, you can also donate that.

2. Email

– send an email with the link to the MADD website and become an advocate.

3. Volunteer

– whatever status quo you hold in the society, MADD would appreciate it very much if you can volunteer and help them with their cause.

The MADD organization is about saving lives and being responsible in driving. Their aim should be your aim as a liable citizen of the state as well as a citizen of the world.

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