The Merits of Funny Drunk Driving Commercials

The Merits of Funny Drunk Driving Commercials

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Attorney Christopher J McCannFunny Drunk Driving Commercials Guest Post By Christopher J McCann an Orange County DUI Lawyer. 

The issue of being arrested on a DUI charge in the state of California is not a laughing matter. The serious nature of the offense derives from the fact that people’s lives are at risk when someone gets behind the wheel of a car while intoxicated. However, there are quite a number of funny drunk driving commercials. Some might wonder why anyone would make funny commercials on this subject. Once you take the time out to look at a few of the commercials, it becomes evident why these humorous commercials are helpful.

Example of a Funny Drunk Driving Commercial:

Basically, the reason why funny drunk driving commercials are made is to capture the attention of the public. While there will be serious and ominous drunk driving commercials that air with frequency, the fact remains that a large segment of the viewing audience will tune out such commercials. The dark nature of these serious commercials leads to their message being lost.

When a drunk driving commercial is made with a humorous tinge to it, the commercial might have much more of an impact. This, in turn, means that the person watching the commercial will pay better attention to it. As a result, he or she may be more willing to heed the advice in the commercial.

Another example of a funny drunk driver arrest commercial:

Commercials of this nature might work best with young people. Younger audiences have a tendency to be very hip. As a result, any commercial geared towards them will need to be equally hip. Funny drunk driving commercials may very well be able to succeed with this goal.

The humor in such commercials, however, cannot undermine what must be a serious message. Commercials of this nature certainly can be successful in presenting a humorous approach. The humor must not cloud the main purpose of the commercial: to keep people from drinking and driving.

Guest Post Author: 

Christopher J. McCann is a Santa Ana DUI Attorney. Mr. McCann is a 12 year exprienced Orange County DUI lawyer at the law offices of Christopher J. McCann. He can also personally help direct you to some of the Best Law Firms in Orange County. You can follow Chris tweets at @cjm_law_firm

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