Myths about Drinking and Driving

Myths about Drinking and Driving

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Attorney Christopher J McCannDrinking and driving can have a devastating impact on your life and any other motorists on the road. Consequently, it is always best to have a designated driver or call a cab after a night of partying with friends. However, everyone is entitled to making mistakes and if arrested for a DUI contact a criminal attorney as soon as possible.

Myths about Drinking and Driving #1: I Haven’t Had Enough Alcohol to Be Drunk

The amount of alcohol that it takes to become drunk is different for every person. Unfortunately, there is no quick system for determining how many drinks it takes to become legally intoxicated. Instead relying on judgment, instincts and common sense is the best way to ensure you do not become the latest drunk driving arrest. The time it takes a person to become drunk is dependent on their body type, age, gender and a slew of other factors. Consequently, it can be difficult to determine when impairment begins. However, a smart rule of thumb is that intoxication begins after consuming your first alcoholic beverage. It is important to remember that just because you are able to walk a straight line or hold a coherent conversation does not mean that you can safely operate a vehicle.

Myths about Drinking and Driving #2: Food Cures All

Often, people make the misconception that eating food while drinking will prevent them from becoming intoxicated. However, this is simply not true and having eaten after drinking and prior to driving a vehicle is not a quick fix to becoming sober. Instead, alcohol remains in the average person’s body for a minimum of six hours regardless of whether or not you have been eating.

Myths about Drinking and Driving #3: There’s No Way I’m Going to be stopped

Think you won’t get caught after drinking and driving? Well, think again as California police are stepping up the number of DUI roadblocks and patrol stops for individuals suspected of drinking and driving. Every year thousands of people are arrested for and convicted of DUI. Furthermore, the police only require probable cause to stop a vehicle such as: swerving, failure to obey traffic signs, speeding, broken taillights and broken windshield wipers. Consequently, a police officer could pull over a driver for a traffic violation not thinking that he or she is intoxicated and subsequently arrest them for DUI.

Myths about Drinking and Driving #4: When I Drink I Drive Slower

Deciding to drive slower after drinking and driving is just as much of a danger as any other type of driving while drunk. In fact, driving a vehicle too slow may be as dangerous as driving too fast and recklessly. Furthermore, if a vehicle is driving too slowly for conditions or the type of road surface a police officer has the right to stop and question the driver. No matter the speed being driven, drinking and driving is never safe.


A competent and trained DUI attorney will be able to assist you in understanding the various laws and rules surrounding your arrest before you read any misleading drinking and driving myths online.

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