NACDL & NCDD’s DWI Conference Las Vegas

NACDL & NCDD’s DWI Conference Las Vegas

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Attorney Christopher J McCannNACDL & NCDD’s DWI Conference Las Vegas Review

The NCDL and NCDD’s DWI Conference Las Vegas are one of the biggest gathering of DUI defense lawyers in United States. The DWI seminar  on “defend with Ingenuity” is held at Caesar’s-Palace Hotel and Casino on October 3 to 5 2013.

The Event

This three days seminar provides DUI attorneys an opportunity to learn and discuss and debate on the latest trends and topics and the most effective techniques in driving under the influence laws. This kind of seminar is done each year and it attracts-hundreds of DUI attorneys from different parts of the United States, including forensics experts and other experts-related to the field.

This specialty DUI seminar and workshop is conducted and led by the leading driving under the influence defense

What to Expect

Those who will be attending can expect to-gain valuable information on the strategies-for-winning DUI cases. More so, every NACDL and NCDD’s DWI conference has a program schedule highlights.

– Welcome, Introductions, Announcements

– Jury Selection: Waking-up with a cup of Joe

– The Icing on A Cake: Storytelling Techniques

– The Meat and Potatoes of Defense: Cross-Examination

On the last day of the seminar, it’s all in for workshops and three sessions.

CLE Credits

The NACDL is an accredited provider of CLE in all of the states that requires mandatory CLE training. The application is at least 12 general credit hours in every state for pre-approval. More so, the approved hours in each state will be known at the seminar. In addition, some states such as GA, IL, NE, TX, PA, UT and NC require additional fees by the attendee in order to receive the credit.


The NACDL also offers discounted scholarship in order to attend the DUI seeming in Las Vegas. If you think you are up for the scholarship, then the requirement is you should be a current member of either NCDD or NACDL. More so, send a letter of two pages telling the reason of why you should be granted.

E-mail your letter to Director of Events Tamara Kalacevic, at Furthermore, remember that all applications must be sent before registering for the seminar.


NACDL or National-Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers is people dedicated to help criminal defense in the United States pursue-justice and due process for people charged with criminal-offense. Currently, it has 10,000 members and over 90 states have joined, there are also 40,000 attorneys of local affiliation. They struggle to promote fairness in the American-Courts of Law.


NCDD or National-College for DUI Defense is motivated to improve the criminal-defense bar and educate people about driving under the influence defense. They provide advanced training’s in both legal and scientific matters that affect-DUI to criminal defense attorneys.

Final say

The NACDL and NCDD’s DWI conference Las Vegas is important to improve defense attorneys knowledge in criminal
cases. With this, they are given the opportunity to broaden their knowledge of driving under the influence laws and answering the DUI lawyer questions.

DUI seminar “defending with ingenuity”, learn the recent issues and let your mind collaborate with the sharp-minded professionals.

Looking forward to possible attending with fellow Flock Of Legal California Lawyer bloggers.

About Guest Post Author: 

Christopher J. McCann is a practicing DMV Laguna Woods DUI lawyer at the law offices of Christopher J. McCann, who was recently awarded his 6th SuperLawyers Magazine “Rising Star” award. You can follow Chris twitter at @cjm_law_firm.

If you need help with a criminal arrest in LA or OC, contact Mr. McCann an experienced criminal defense attorney los angeles ca and criminal attorneys in orange county ca for a free consultation.

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