Orange County Attorney Mark A Gallagher on NBC news

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Orange County Attorney Mark A Gallagher on NBC news

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Orange County lawyer and flock of legals founder Mark A Gallagher made a cameo on NBC news yesterday for his involvement in a whale of fish story. Gallagher represented John Brady and co-counsel Christopher J McCann represented John Apothaker. Both men were charged with catching a giant sea bass in Newport Beach. The case resulted in misdemeanor charges for both men because the fish is an endangered species. Both men have made multiple statements to the media that they did not know it was a giant sea bass. John Apothaker told authorities that once he realized the fish was an endangered species he returned the fish to the water and attempted a rescue.

The case resovled yesterday in the Orange County Superior Court Harbor Justice Center in Newport Beach. Both Gallagher and McCann answered ready for trial but the case was ultimately resolved when a defense motion was granted per PC 19.8 to reduce the charge to an infraction. The video is here Gallagher and McCann land a victory

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