Public Defenders VS Criminal Defense Services in California

Public Defenders VS Criminal Defense Services in California

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Attorney Christopher J McCannHave you been arrested in the state of California and are need of legal representation?


If so, there are many criminal defense services in California to take advantage of. For those that qualify, every US citizen is entitled to have an attorney provided to them should they not be able to afford legal representation of their own. Known as a public defender, these attorneys represent the defendant in court; however, they are often overworked, underpaid, and overwhelmed. Consequently, hiring a private attorney is the best option should you find yourself or someone you know facing legal problems in California. A private attorney should be well worth the extra money, as they will devote individual time and attention to every case. If located in the Los Angeles or Orange County California metro areas contact this guest attorney contributor, Christopher J McCann. Chris works personally with every client to try to ensure the best representation possible. Just like the qualified California Lawyers that flock together on this site to provide you with free legal articles.

Leveraging Your Sixth Amendment Right

The Sixth Amendment, in addition to ensuring the accused the right to a speedy trial and an impartial jury also entitles every defendant to the assistance of legal counsel. Therefore, when a defendant cannot afford his own attorney the state is obligated to provide a public defender. However, every state has its own restrictions that must be met to qualify for a public defender. In California, a public defender must be provided to the accused for a felony arrest or when the individual is facing significant prison time. In the case of a misdemeanor offense, like a DUI for example, the defendant in order to receive a public defender must prove to the state that he or she cannot otherwise afford an attorney by submitting income history documents. If the accused is below a certain income threshold, then California is obligated to provide an attorney.

Public Defenders Have Never Ending Case Loads

The public defender office is run like a state agency and funded through the government budget. Consequently, the use of public defenders must be constantly monitored to ensure that the system is not being abused. While a public defender is a registered member of the California Bar and has the necessary prerequisites to be an attorney, they are often overworked. The average public defender can oversee twenty or thirty cases at one time. As a result, it is very difficult for a defender to receive individual time with his or her attorney to discuss the case. Due to the high number of cases worked at one time, the public defender may be more likely to push for a plea bargain or early settlement before the trial begins to avoid having to continue to argue the case. For a public defender, the accused sometimes can just be another number in their never-ending case files and not an actual client.

Why Should I Hire A Private Attorney For Criminal Defense Services in CA?

Therefore to receive hopefully favorable criminal defense services in California, it is recommended that defendants hire a private CA criminal attorney to represent their case. As opposed to a public defender who juggles an infinite number of cases, a private attorney should have the time and the desire to devote individual attention to every case. Therefore, if you are in Orange County California and in need of a qualified and respected criminal attorney, I’d like to say me….Christopher J McCann is your man. With two offices conveniently located in Los Angeles and Orange County, I’m available to see clients near you and have several more reasons more reasons to Don’t Accept an Orange County DUI Public Defender

About Guest Author:

Christopher J McCann attended college at the University of Michigan prior to attending law school in California at Pepperdine University. Mr. McCann specializes in all types of criminal law including DUI, domestic violence, drug sales/possession and more. Since he started practicing law in California, Mr. McCann maintains many professional memberships and licenses and has proven to be an extremely competent attorney. Scheduling an appointment with Christopher McCann is easy. Simply call or stop by one of the offices and schedule a free consultation with Chris. If you select Chris to be your attorney, he will do everything he can to try to ensure the most favorable outcome possible for your case. Unlike a public defender, Chris devotes lots of time to each case and personally meets with his clients and returns their phone calls by day & night. Superlawyers Magazine has named Christopher McCann a Rising Star for six consecutive years. Select Christopher McCann for a more hands on approach to each and every case.

Christopher J McCann also provides criminal defense services in California. You can follow him on twitter at @cjm_law_firm or feel free to search out some more Christopher J McCann Orange County DUI lawyer reviews.

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