Representing Yourself in Criminal Court

Representing Yourself in Criminal Court

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Many people choose to represent themselves in criminal courts due to a lack of money.  Often times these “Pro Per” litigants will convince themselves that they are just as good and just as competent as any criminal lawyer.   I have seen Pro Per criminal defendants time and time again all the while cringing at their blatant lack of knowledge of courtroom conduct, procedure and misunderstanding of the law.

DUI is the most common case in which most criminal defendants represent themselves.  Most  DUI defendants who represent themselves (“Pro Per”) fail to understand the nuances of their probation terms and the possible defenses to the charges.  Since most Pro Per defendants aren’t given a copy of the police report at their arraignment, they do not know the strongest arguments for reducing the sanctions and/or the best arguments and strategies to get the DUI charges dismissed.

The best advice is to hire an experienced DUI attorney to represent you in court.

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