Riverside Courthouse Parking Update

Riverside Courthouse Parking Update

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Riverside Courthouse Parking Update

Need to appear at the Riverside courthouse?  Here is the free info you need about Riverside Courthouse Parking.   For Riverside court directions, Riverside court phone numbers, and other basic information, please visit our directory page for the Riverside Superior Court Hall of Justice.  Keep reading for an update on Riverside Courthouse parking.

I. Riverside Courthouse Parking – Where to Park?

When you visit the Riverside Hall of justice you will immediately notice that there is no parking garage available.   There is metered parking immediately in front of the courthouse on Main Street but this parking is very hard to obtain.  If you get one of these spaces consider yourself lucky.    Most people will park in the smaller paid lots in the area surrounding the courthouse.   These lots can be over priced and often require you to leave your keys with the parking attendant as the lots stack the cars to maximize the available spots.   If you would like to save some money and secure your vehicle, I recommend parking just west of the courthouse in the metered parking.

II. Best place for Riverside Courthouse Parking

To find the best place to park at the Riverside courthouse, drive west from Main street on 10th, 11th, or 12th street.   Cross over market and then look for the nearest number parking space.  These spots are readily available every day and are only a short walk to the Riverside Hall of Justice.   This is NOT free parking, but it is very affordable and really the best option for most people visiting the court for a one day visit.

III. Riverside Courthouse Parking – How to Use the Meter System

Each parking space along the curb on 10th, 11th, and 12th Street is numbered and marked.  This is metered parking but you will notice that there is not a meter at each space.   After pulling into a parking spot find the nearest meter.  They are located about once every block and pretty easy to recognize by the large solar panels on top of each meter.   Go to the meter and follow the prompts on the screen

IV. Quick tips for Using the Meter system

  1. It’s a solar powered machine so it will take a minute to “wake up” when you push a button.   The machine is not broken, it’s just slow
  2. Bring dollar bills or quarters, the machine does not give change
  3. Parking is $1.50 per hour
  4. Punch in your stall number, make payment, print the receipt, and place it on your dash
  5. Don’t park here without paying.  There is a cop on a segway scooter passing out parking tickets every day

V. Final Note on Riverside Courthouse Parking

NO MORE CREDIT CARDS!   These solar powered meters used to accept credit or debit cards for payment.  For some reason the city has decided to disable this feature and the slot for credit card payment has been covered on all the machines.  This can be frustrating if you are not prepared and running late for court, trust me I learned the hard way today while appearing in the Riverside Hall of Justice for one of my clients.   So there you you have it, you now have everything you need to know about Riverside Courthouse Parking.  If you have more questions or if you need a lawyer for your case at the Riverside Hall of Justice, give me a ring at 800-797-8406, or email me at attorneygallagher@gmail.com


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