SEO for California Lawyers

SEO for California Lawyers

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OK California lawyers, listen up.   You want to know why no one is visiting your fancy expensive website?   You wonder why Flock of Legals is getting about 7000 reads a month?  In real estate the first three rules are location, location, and location.    I dare say the first three rules of the web are content, content, and content.   Feed a constant supply of high quality, relevant content into the machine and the google juice will flow.

Here at Flock of Legals, we are going to start making a conscious effort to blog more often about issues such as SEO, web development, analytics, web design, search engine algos, social media, general tech issues, for the following reasons

1-It will serve as on open forum for learning for all who blog on this site

2-It will attract new readers for the site

3-It will attract and spur discussion with others who know more than we do about these topics

4-In zen like fashion, blogging about SEO on your website is great for your SEO

5-We can use all the help we can get!

Today’s topic will be browser market share.   That’s right people I said browser market share.   This term refers to which software people are currently using to “browse” the internet.   For example, if you are using a Windows based PC, you are likely using Microsoft Internet Explorer.   You might also own a pager and a VCR.  If you are a Mac user, you are likely using Safari.    Google fans or people on the android platform use Chrome or similar browsers.  And of course there are others like firefox and a million more.   So by looking at browser market share we might be able to gain a little information about demographics, market trends, user behavior, all kinds of disturbing things.

Taking a look at one recent report on browser market share, the market is still dominated by Microsoft Internet Explorer.   The old standby is holding down just over 50% of the market.  This number is based on combining the market share of several versions of Explorer still in use (Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0, 8.0, 9.0) The number 2 spot belongs to Google’s Chrome browser with about 15 percent, and Firefox comes in with a solid 13 percent.   Number 4 is Apple’s Safari browser with about 3 percent, and no one else on the list seems to be making a significant impact.  Are these numbers legit?  The report is dated November 2012 and they have a pie chart and nothing says credibility like a pie chart.

Now let’s compare the numbers above with the actual browser activity on Flock of Legals based on stats obtained using Google Analytics.   In the last 30 days, Flock of Legals has about 7000 reads or pageviews.    What browsers are being used?  Safari is leading the charge with 29%.   Microsoft Internet Explorer is adding 22%, Chrome has 17%, Android has 14%, and Firefox has 12%.   Everything seems to be in line with one obvious exception.  Why does this website pull in nearly a third of visits from Mac users?  Is this a geographic phenomenon?  Nearly 95% of the web traffic on Flock of Legals originates in California, so maybe Mac is just dominating California?  Or maybe it’s that Mac types are more likely to challenge authority, natural readers for the legal ramblings of California lawyers.    Could it by our CMS?  Does Wordpress SEO more effectively for Safari then it does for Explorer?    Anyone with insight can feel free to  send us and email at

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