Sexual Abuse of Step-Daughter and Child Abuse Central Index

Sexual Abuse of Step-Daughter and Child Abuse Central Index

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Sexual Abuse of Step-Daughter

Child Protective Services was called because an allegation was made that you touched your step-daughter’s private parts or her breast, i.e., sexual abuse of step-daughter.  Your step-daughter might be 15 years old or 3 years old.  The allegation may have come from your step-daughter directly or from her mother.  CPS came out and wanted to interview you.  At some point, law enforcement got involved.  Now you’ve received a letter in the mail saying your name was placed on the Child Abuse Central Index.

Now you’re scared and wondering what to do.

First things first.  The most important question is whether law enforcement is still investigating the allegations or if they have sent the case to the prosecutors.  If police are still investigating or if prosecutors are still deciding whether to file charges against you, then your #1 focus and priority must be on that.  You need a lawyer to contact either the detective investigating your case or the prosecutor reviewing your file.

That is step #1.  It needs to happen ASAP…as in, right now.

Child Abuse Central Index Listing Based on Sexual Assault

Step #2 is hiring a lawyer to represent you in the Child Abuse Central Index (CACI) grievance review hearing process.  The letter you got probably says the allegation of sexual assault (and possible sexual exploitation) against your step-daughter was substantiated.

You should have received a form called Request for Grievance Hearing.  You need to fill that out an send it back to the child protection agency within 30 days of receiving it.  Actually, your lawyer should fill it out for you.

The reason why you wan your lawyer to fill it out is because you don’t want to write the wrong thing.  And anything your write on that form can be used against you.  Of course, you need to make sure the CACI lawyer you hire for your Child Abuse Central Index grievance hearing is someone who has won many CACI cases like yours in the past.  You can’t afford to hire a newbie or a rookie.  Not when you have so much on the line (including your career).

Act with Urgency to Fight the Allegation of Sexual Abuse on Your Step-Daughter and Get Your Name Off the Child Abuse Central Index

I have spoken with many men in this situation.  You are not alone.  Often, divorce proceedings ensue.  Emotions are very high right now.  The best thing you can do is get a lawyer to help you through it.  You need a lawyer who can help you try to avoid criminal charges being filed against you.  These sex crime allegations are extremely serious.  Depending on the facts of your case, you could be facing not only listing on the Child Abuse Central Index for the rest of your life, but also decades in prison.

Do what you can to prevent that from happening.  Good luck.

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