Sobering Up To Kiddie DUI Child Cruisers

Sobering Up To Kiddie DUI Child Cruisers

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Attorney Christopher J McCannkiddie DUI child cruiser to bring attention to the importance of driving sober

Advertisements against DUIs can be found everywhere. Especially noticeable around Holidays on freeways and signs all around the city. Some people need the reminder. There is one kiddie DUI child cruiser that will catch your attention. Possibly as a way to keep parents mindful of the important of not driving drunk, a mini cop car outside of a super market in Salt Lake has the message, “Drive drunk and ride in the Real Thing!
Well that is very direct. The highway patrol will be setting up the kiddie DUI child cruiser to bring attention to the importance of driving sober and as sort of a publicity stunt for locals to be aware that police are everywhere so they better be safe than sorry.
An interesting idea, but a great message. This may be used for children, but the message is clear, if you drive drunk, you will get caught. The mini cruiser is setup with motion, lights and sounds.
This same type of public awareness campaign may be setup in other parts of the United States as police continue to have problems nationwide with drunk driving. Many believe that driving drunk is a victimless crime, but this is not true. Many times drinking combined with tiredness can lead to such impaired driving that lives are at stake. Plan ahead, take an Uber Los Angeles Car Service or you will pay. Drunk driving fatalities in 2011 were 9,878.

Kiddie DUI

This is sometimes a reference to an underage DUI. An underage DUI happens when someone under 21 years of age is driving with the blood alcohol content of at least .02 but not more than .05 while driving. The consequences of the Kiddie DUI are considered a class A traffic infraction in most states. The judge may demand 24 hours of public service and possibly and alcohol treatment program. If convicted of kiddie DUI, this will result in the removal of drivers license.

More about penalties for underage DUI.

It is typical for most states to penalize the person convicted and offer many possible fines, penalties or sentences. The driver’s license can be suspended for years depending on the decision and up to the age of 21. It is possible that they will have to attend DUI school. Community service is possible for many and can be served for a variety of lengths and locations. They may be placed on probation for three to five years. Fines can range anywhere from one hundred dollars up to thousands and more depending on legal fees. The underage DUI offender may also have to attend juvenile detention.

In conclusion, there are many ways that the state patrol can use to get our attention regarding DUI, including the kiddie DUI child cruiser. DUIs are a serious offense. Driving while intoxicated has led to thousands of deaths each year and this is the reason that punishments if convicted can be so severe. Riding in a mini cruiser may be a fun ride in front of a grocery store, but the real situation is one that we should avoid not only for the punishment to us, but more importantly for the innocent lives we may be affecting from our actions.

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