Useful Info Every Driver Should Know: When Does A Speeding Ticket Accumulate Points?

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Useful Info Every Driver Should Know: When Does A Speeding Ticket Accumulate Points?

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When does a speeding ticket accumulate points?

You accumulate points when you are convicted of speeding unless you attend traffic school when eligible.

What is a Conviction?

A conviction can occur when you enter a guilty plea, are found guilty after a trial, or when you enter a no contest plea. How does this work?

Enter a Guilty Plea

You show up to court on your first court day or on the day of your trial and you tell the judge that you plead guilty.

Found Guilty

This happens after you have your trial. In other words, you show up to court and fight your ticket but the judge decides that there is enough evidence that shows that you violated the law.

No Contest

This means that you accept your conviction but do not admit to the alleged facts. Essentially, no contest has a similar effect as a guilty plea.

Traffic School

Can you be convicted and avoid points? Yes. How? You attend traffic school. However, in order to avoid the point on your record after being convicted of speeding, you must be eligible for traffic school. You are eligible if you haven’t attended traffic school within the last 18 months.

Other Options

When you are not eligible for traffic school and the cop shows up at trial and is ready to proceed, then it is best to take your case to trial and fight your ticket. Another option is to ask the court to change your violation to a non-moving violation – some courts will help you and grant your request and other courts will deny your request but it never hurts to ask (you miss every shot that you don’t take).

We Can Help

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