5 Helpful Tips We Recommend When Looking For An Attorney

looking for an attorney

5 Helpful Tips We Recommend When Looking For An Attorney

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5 tips we recommend when looking for an attorney


The process of finding and hiring an attorney may seem overwhelming at first. Many people don’t know where to start, which is why we compiled a few tips that may make the process easier. Remember to always do your research; spending some time researching attorneys before hiring them is always recommended and worth the trouble. Knowing what to look for and what to ask could save you time and hassle. Let’s look at the 5 tips we recommend when looking for an attorney:

1. Look at their website

An attorney’s website is their calling card – it should tell you all the basic information you need including their areas of practice, professional background, and contact information. It’s helpful if they also have a contact form you can fill out to schedule your consultation. The Law Offices of Mark A. Gallagher also has pages for frequently asked questions, downloadable PDF resources, and blog posts. We also have a separate blog where we feature posts of every type of law including criminal defense, personal injury, trademark law, immigration law, etc.

2. Read client reviews

Client reviews are a great resource when you’re looking to hire an attorney. Look at what previous clients have to say about them; look at their google reviews, yelp reviews, and AVVO reviews. Look closely for what previous clients have to say about the attorney’s communication, response time, office staff, and overall professionalism. Look for repeat clients in the reviews; you will often find that some clients keep going back to the same attorney because they trust them and are happy with the service they receive.

3. Look at their social media

Social media accounts show a lawyer’s curated content. If you know what to look for, an attorney’s social media can be very helpful. Look for posts that provide helpful information including FAQs, helpful tips, or basic tutorials. For example, our Instagram posts include “4 Tips for DUI character letters,” “Wet Reckless vs. DUI Conviction,” “7 DUI mitigation items,” and “4 steps to reinstate your driving privileges.” These types of posts give you valuable information you otherwise wouldn’t know and gives you insight into an attorney’s knowledge of the law.

4. Ask your friends and family

This option isn’t always available, but if it is, take advantage of it: ask your friends or family if they have any experience working with any of the attorneys you’re researching. If you find someone in your life who has hired the attorney you’re looking at, ask them about their experience: whether the attorney offered free consultations, how often they were updated on their case, how knowledgeable they felt the attorney was, and how comfortable they felt throughout the process.

5. Ask for a referral from your current/previous attorney

This is a request we often receive from our current and previous clients: a client that hired us to handle their suspended license case might need an immigration attorney or an estate planning attorney they can trust so we refer them to experienced attorneys we personally know. There is a sense of security knowing that the attorney you’re hiring has professional connections to someone you’ve already worked with. Take advantage of the built-in network your current or previous attorney has – all you have to do is ask.

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