When Reporting A Drunk Driver Is Necessary

When Reporting A Drunk Driver Is Necessary

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Attorney Christopher J McCannMost people who drive on the roads today drive with a purpose. People drive to the store, to work, to a friends house, or traveling to a vacation spot. Being involved in an accident is the last thing on the mind that a person has until it happens. If the accident happened because of a drunk driver, then the question of why no one had the wisdom of reporting a drunk driver to the authorities has to be asked.

A lot of people do not want to get involved in anyone else business but when it comes to life and death, then action needs to be taken. If seeing a car that is driving erratically, then one of the reasons could be because the driver is impaired. There are clues that can be followed to make an educated guess that the driver is definitely impaired.

Clue #1 Making wide turns
Impaired drivers cannot judge distance or speed. When taking turns or trying to negotiate basic maneuvers, then it is not a turn that is proper.

Clue #2 Tailgating vehicles
The reaction time of impaired drivers slows down. They cannot judge distance or depth perception and part of the result is tailgating cars in front of them.

Clue #3 Frequent braking.
This is the case of the driver who is trying to be careful. In fact, it is being too careful and it turns out to be overusing the brake too much.

Clue #4 Driving slow.
If the driver drifts in and out of being sober, then trying to keep the vehicle at a safe speed is a priority. Only problem is that driving 10 mph in a 35 mph is very noticeable.

Reporting a drunk driver is the responsibility of anyone noticing this behavior. This just may save the life of a child or a stranger that has no chance of recovery if an accident happens because of the drunk driver.

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