Court Appointed Special Advocates Los Angeles County

Court Appointed Special Advocates Los Angeles County

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Attorney Christopher J McCannGuest Post By:  Christopher J McCann on court appointed special advocates in Los Angeles county

What Is Court Appointed Special Advocates Los Angeles And What Do They Do?

On any given day in Los Angeles, more than seven hundred children end up in the Dependency Court system. These children are extracted from the custody of their parents because of the serious forms of abuse or neglect they suffer. Now these children are shuffled from one foster home to another, while they wait for the decision of the courts. Serving the needs of such abused, abandoned and neglected children in the Dependency Court system is the mission of Court Appointed Special Advocates Los Angeles. They provide judges with crucial information so they may make the right decision for the future of these children.

CASA Los Angeles has the authority to advocate on behalf of these child victims for their best interests. The belief there is no such thing as hopeless children, only children who have not experienced hope yet is held dearly by CASA volunteers. They help in finding permanent, safe homes for these children as quickly as possible by working with the child welfare system, the courts, the families and the children themselves. These volunteering special advocates are normal everyday individuals. They may be construction workers, retirees, stay-at-home moms, stock brokers, and others. A caring heart and the determination to do something for these vulnerable children of the community is the only special background that they have.

To achieve the above, community volunteers are recruited, trained, supervised and supported appropriately. This enables them to do the following:

– Investigate the situation of a child
– Facilitate to ensure necessary services are provided to them
– Monitor to ensure that they are complying with court orders
– Advocate on behalf of a child in the community and courts for their best interests

Key decisions about the lives of these abandoned, abused or neglected children are made by Dependency Court judge. This is why Court Appointed Special Advocates Los Angeles plays a vital role in advocating on behalf of these children and their future lives.

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