How to Drop Domestic Violence Charges Part III

How to Drop Domestic Violence Charges Part III

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errol_cook,_esq2Dropping Domestic Violence Charges:

Some alleged victims of domestic violence, whether it be male or female, may use the threat of calling the police as a means of controlling their partner and relationship.  Whenever the police are used as a vehicle to enforce control in a romantic relationship, then it is time to leave….and quickly.  Many defendants find themselves in jail and in disbelief not understanding how a person who claims to love them can also put them in jail on fabricated charges.   The alleged victim may also promise to “drop the charges” if the defendant agrees to certain conditions.

Generally, the police will arrest someone and let the courts sort it out.  This may mean spending a weekend in jail and away from your children and job only to be brought to court to be arraigned.  As a general rule, judges must impose a restraining order at your first court date.  That restraining order can be as mild as a “No Violent Contact” restraining order to a draconian “No Contact” restraining order.  Although the alleged victim may request that the charges be dropped, this is unlikely at the arraignment.  Contacting an experienced domestic violence attorney is critical.

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