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Fullerton DUI attorney Mark A. Gallagher Video

Fullerton DUI attorney Mark A. Gallagher Video

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Fullerton DUI attorney Mark A. Gallagher

Fullerton DUI attorney Mark A. Gallagher
Fullerton DUI attorney Mark A Gallagher

I have been a practicing California DUI attorney for over 13 years all over Southern California.  I have helped clients fight DUI charges everywhere South of Bakersfield.  And I do mean everywhere.  How many other DUI lawyers have handled cases in Winterhaven, Calexico, San Diego, Santa Ana, Newport Beach, and Santa Barbara?  How about Ventura? Simi Valley? Barstow? I have done them all.

As a Fullerton DUI attorney my primary office is in Fullerton California right next to the Fullerton courthouse.   I also have satellite offices available to meet clients in Los Angeles, Riverside, Temecula, San Bernardino, and San Diego.   I have even represented clients that are living out of state and even out of the country.   So wherever you are, if your DUI charge is pending somewhere in Southern California, I’m your man.

DUI defense is a highly complex area of law and getting the right results requires specialized knowledge about the California DMV, the California criminal court system, and most importantly the local practices of the court where your DUI case is pending.    Staying out of jail on a Fullerton DUI case is a completely different process than staying out of jail on a Ventura DUI case.   What works for your DUI charges in San Bernardino probably won’t work on a Newport Beach DUI.

If you would like to learn more about me or if you think I might be the right Fullerton DUI attorney to handle your DUI case pending anywhere in Southern California, check the links below.

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Here is my profile and some reviews for my Fullerton DUI law office on YELP


Here is my Fullerton DUI attorney AVVO profile


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