Driving on a Suspended License – 2 Things to Know

Driving on a Suspended License – 2 Things to Know

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Driving on a Suspended License

Driving on a suspended license is a serious charge. There is potential jail time for driving on a suspended license. There are different types of driving on a suspended license charge. One is without a DUI and one is with a DUI.  The more serious one is the one with a DUI. In Orange County if you are caught while driving on a suspended license for a DUI then it is a minimum 10 day penalty. It is important that you do not drive with suspended license during this period.

Driving on a suspended license will also bring new charges. There are probably already reason why your license is suspended. This can be for a failure to show up in court.  A failure to appear in court is also a new charge in itself. If you have a failure to appear in court then you are facing a new charge which s also a misdemeanor. In addition to this, a failure to appear will in most circumstances result in a suspension and a hold on your license. It’s important that you clear this up.

There are many reasons as to why your license can be suspended. The most common reason is not appearing in court. When this happens the court will send a message to the DMV. This happens very often in Los Angeles County. Los Angeles County court will often set a court date out half a year ahead. When this happens people will often forget that they have a court date. They will forget the court date because the court will not send a reminder. A court date will be missed and a suspended license will result.

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