How to Conduct a Free Online Background Check in California

How to Conduct a Free Online Background Check in California

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By guest post columnist: Christopher J McCann a Santa Ana criminal defense and Orange County DUI Lawyer

So you’re an employer who wants to check your applicant’s past records, or you are businessman who wants to know a little bit of background of your prospect business partner or just simply want to know a person’s history before meeting with them and possibly making a very important transaction.

So you decided to make a background check on that somebody. You want your background checking to be fast, efficient, comprehensive and most of all, free. A solution one may find to be effective is through the use of online background checking websites and search engines to help you find out more about another person without the hassle of perusing through tons of paperwork or hiring a private investigator which will cost you a lot of money.

In the State of California there are a number of good online free background check websites. But how exactly do we go about the background check? This article will show you how to conduct a free online background check in The Golden State.

Knowing the Name of Person

One important detail when running a background check on somebody is of course, finding out the name of that individual. Knowing the person’s real name can give you a bit of an advantage when doing online background check on common search engines. Search engines such as Google can help you immensely in doing your background checking.

One technique that you can practice when using search engines is the use of quotation marks. Enclose the name of the person you want to look for inside the quotation mark to eliminate irrelevant results that the search engine will give you when typing the name of that person.

Example: “John Smith”
You can also add some other information that you know about that person after the quotation mark to broaden your search. Doing so can give you a connection between that person and the information you provided after the quotation mark.
Example: “John Smith” Cheesecake Factory

Using Social Networks

Social networking sites are great places to look for information about a specific person. These sites are good for employers or anyone to conduct a check because these social networking sites are the places where anyone would share almost anything to the world.
One of the most famous social networking sites is Facebook. With over 500 million users, it makes perusing through anyone’s information a little bit easier. The site can give you basic information such as home address, school, location, etc. Of course this can only be made available when users make their profile public but nonetheless, you already have slight information about them, like confirming their name. Other social networking sites worth taking a look at are LinkedIn, Twitter and Google+.

Finding the Basic Information

Once you verify the name, it is then a little bit easier for someone to further check for basic information about the person you want to know more. Websites such as ZabaSearch and are perfect sites to look for phone numbers of these individuals, further expanding your search. In addition, these sites also provide premium services that can also provide you with cellphone numbers of that person as well as a reverse look up service that gives away the location of the user of that phone number.

Searching for California Free Background Check Online Criminal Records

One of the things employers may ask someone is that if they have police records or anything that you may find interesting. They may not entirely tell you everything, that’s when sites like CriminalSearches or SearchSystems or VirtualGumshoe come in handy. These websites have a wide database to search for past criminal records that your applicant or prospect business partner may have.

The tips shown above will immensely help someone to conduct a California free background check online. What you may find will not always be good, but it would be nice to know that you’re doing business with somebody that at least, in the pesky eyes of the internet, is clean and trustworthy.


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