How to Reduce Your Bail in a Criminal Case

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errol_cook,_esq2There are a number of ways to get your bail reduced in a criminal case.  Often times the arresting agency will arrest a suspect for a felony.  Bailing out on felony charges can be extremely expensive.  I have often witnessed individuals arrested on felony cases with felony bail set by the arresting agency, only to bail out and appear in court on misdemeanor charges.

If your bail is too high, then ask your lawyer to file a ‘Bail Review Motion.’  A Bail Review Motion notices the judge and prosecutor that you do not agree with the current bail and that you are requesting a reduction.


Be sure that you want the issue of bail revisited.  Just as the judge can consider your request to reduce bail, they can also consider the prosecutor’s request to increase bail.  Sometimes it’s better to leave well enough alone.

If you do set a court date for a Bail Review and your motion to reduce bail is denied, then you can revisit the issue if there is a “change of circumstances.”  Litigating the many issues effecting bail can be quite confusing.  Contact a lawyer today to discuss the issue of bail.


Errol Cook, Esq.


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